The revolutionary application of blockchain is about to land, and AirCash is leading the way

The revolutionary application of blockchain is about to land, and AirCash is leading the way!
The blockchain has been flourishing for more than ten years as the only field of decentralization, and has solved the trust crisis of mankind. And its derivative encrypted digital currency has been favored by the majority of blockchain enthusiasts and investors. Digital currency has gradually shown its unparalleled rate of return on investment in the ups and downs of more than ten years.
However, for more than ten years, there has been an insurmountable gap that has prevented the real decentralization of the blockchain investment field. That is the legal currency deposit and withdrawal (OTC). As we all know, we need to use OTC when exchanging legal currency for digital currency, but now OTC has not realized decentralized free transactions. This industry only exists in centralized trading institutions and accepts ZF. Platforms. Banks and many other institutions. This is completely contrary to the nature of the blockchain.
After several years of research and development, the AIR Chinese community and the international community technicians and the world’s top blockchain talents finally found a solution to this fundamental problem, and AirCash was born. The product has been formed and is being debugged on a small scale, and it is expected to be announced in the entire blockchain industry soon.
This will undoubtedly be a revolutionary application in the blockchain industry, solving a problem that has not been solved for more than a decade, and opening up the last link in the decentralization of blockchain digital currency. AirCash will create a trend to make AIR become real air, the fresh air everyone needs.

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