The largest decentralized over-the-counter trading platform OTC in the galaxy

Introduction to AirCash

  1. What is AirCash?
    AirCash is the first and largest decentralized over-the-counter trading platform (OTC) in the galaxy.
    AirCash can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies in a decentralized manner.
  2. Why choose AirCash?
    2.1 Simple and easy to use
    Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly with fiat currencies in your wallet, you never need to exchange them again.
    2.2 No authentication required
    No KYC, no account, no need to provide personal information, you can trade anonymously.
    2.3 Security and privacy
    Both parties of the transaction use a peer-to-peer chat tool to contact, no one knows the details of your transaction except yourself.
    2.4 Decentralized system and decentralized management architecture (DAO)
    All transactions are carried out on the blockchain, and we have established a set of decentralized management architecture to achieve a complete decentralized transaction and management system.
  3. How to use AirCash?
    3.1 Create a wallet
    3.2 Connect your wallet to AirCash
    3.3 Buy and sell cryptocurrency with fiat currency in the wallet

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Merchant Mechanism
1.1 What is the merchant mechanism?
Merchants are the liquidity providers of the AirCash system, and only merchants have the right to publish buy/sell advertisements in the system.
1.2 Why become a businessman?
Becoming a businessman is profitable and you will make huge profits in every transaction.
1.3 How can I become a businessman?
By depositing 10 billion Air, you will automatically become a merchant.

Witness mechanism
1.1 What is the witness mechanism?
The witness is the judge of the AirCash system. When a complaint occurs, the witness will deal with it. They will protect honest traders and punish fraudsters.
1.2 Why should there be witnesses?
The witness mechanism is a systematic credit system. If the witnesses are selfless, more and more people will use Air Cash.
Becoming a witness is also profitable. A fair and unselfish witness will receive 10 million Air for each complaint.
1.3 How to become a witness?
By depositing 100 billion Air, you will automatically become a witness.

Member of Parliament Mechanism
1.1 What is the MP mechanism?
Members of Congress are the final judges of the AirCash system. If anyone is dissatisfied with the verdict of the witnesses, members of Congress will intervene in the final trial. Members of Congress will protect honest traders and fair witnesses and punish fraudsters.
1.2 Why is there a mechanism for members of parliament?
The Congressman mechanism is the final credit guarantee of the AirCash system. Trusting members of Congress means trusting AirCash products. More and more users will use the system because of the fairness and justice of members of Congress. On the contrary, more and more users will abandon us. It is profitable to be a member of parliament, and an impartial member of parliament will receive 100 million Air for every complaint handled.
1.3 How to become a member of Congress?
The system can only have 5 congressmen at most, and each congressman must mortgage 1 trillion Air.
1.4 The first stage: Volunteer Congress
In the initial stage, 5 members of Congress will be selected by community volunteers.
1.5 The second stage: DAO Congress
When the DAO decentralized community governance system is completed, we will start the election of members of Congress. The election will be held every 6 months, and 5 new members will be elected.

User Manual (to be continued)

How to start using AirCash?
How to buy and sell?
How to deal with disputes?
How to become a businessman?
How to become a witness?
How to join Congress?
How to cross-chain: Polygon?
How to cross-chain: Ethereum?
How to cross-chain: Fantom?
 Frequently Asked Questions
What is the official website of AirCash?
How is AirCash different?
2.1 AirCash is an OTC platform based on smart contracts, which is built on the Binance smart chain.
2.2 AirCash is simple and easy to use, you no longer need to exchange currency, you can buy and sell cryptocurrency with fiat currency directly in your wallet.
2.3 It is anonymous, no KYC authentication is required, no account creation, no personal information is required.
2.4 It is safe and private. Traders use a peer-to-peer instant chat tool to contact, and no one knows the details of your transaction.
2.5 It is a completely decentralized transaction, which is automatically managed through DAO. All transactions are on the blockchain, there are no companies or bosses, only smart contracts. It realizes automatic management through DAO.
How about privacy?
We have established a peer-to-peer instant messaging system, all information is only stored on the devices of you and the transaction party, and no one knows any details of the transaction.
How to prevent money laundering?
You can ask the other party to provide evidence to prove the legitimacy of the money.

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If you are interested in promoting Air Cash in your country, we can provide you with financial support. The contact information is as follows:

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