The birth of AirCoin is the last piece of pure land in the currency circle and chain circle

   Is AIR coin an air coin or a wealth business opportunity?

     I can’t Breath, I need Air!

    The origin of AIR coin~~The irony of the coin circle was born! ! !

    AIR is a cryptocurrency born in 2021. Initially, AIR coins were just used to satirize the cryptocurrency industry's crazy issuance of a large number of fake virtual currencies. These tokens pass a large number of packaging teams, investors, white papers, code progress, etc. With the help of ICO, many startup teams have raised a lot of funds in the market at a very low cost. But this model will obviously not last long, because the tokens issued by the air project will eventually return to the air.

    The positioning of the AIR coin community on AIR is an "autonomous and friendly network currency". They laugh at themselves, but they want to be the real air that people cannot leave. The original intention of Air coin was to save investors in the currency circle who suffered heavy losses due to various air coins. Complete community autonomy, no private placement and crowdfunding, the project party does not leave a token, and there is no need to worry about encountering an ICO scam. And its follow-up will successively launch the pledged mining of zero coin.

    When we measure the appreciation space of a currency, we often consider its degree of decentralization. The degree of decentralization determines its future price and the diversification of applications. Air Coin is born to be completely decentralized. The so-called decentralization is to decentralize the power that originally belonged to the centralized role, and users can freely conduct peer-to-peer transactions.

    For example: the data generated by users’ shopping is owned by the users themselves, and centralized companies can only retrieve them and have no right to view them; for another example, the quality of a business is all determined by users, and decentralized companies have no way to do search rankings. , Affect the sales of merchants, etc. This is the advantage of decentralization.

    At the same time, whether a coin can rise depends first on whether it is hot or not. Since the launch of AIR on May 13, it has been enthusiastically sought after by compatriots at home and abroad. The number of believers in overseas autonomous communities has exceeded 30,000, and AIR's currency holding addresses have exceeded 60,000. The autonomous community will continue to issue more and more products, such as AirPool, AirSwap, AirCash, AirPay, etc. AIR will become one of the largest ecosystems in the crypto world. The AIR autonomous community has also spontaneously set up an atmospheric control fund pool. After the airdrop is over, the remaining AIR will be donated to the fund pool. In the end, the air currency AIR will also be donated to environmental protection foundations around the world in batches, so that more people can breathe freshness. air.

    Everyone has their own choice. I don't comment on who will have the last laugh. Virtual currency itself can be regarded as a huge financial and social experiment. Countless people participated, and the government had different attitudes. "High risk", "bubble", "deceptive takeover", these words are not inappropriate for any speculative products. However, new things are worth pursuing by brave people. Only high risks have high returns. But I still believe that if Air Coin can achieve what it says, it may really bring an unprecedented blockchain revolution.

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The total amount of AirCoin tokens is 100 million, and 6,748 trillion has been destroyed (directly sent to the black hole), and currently 325.2 billion is in circulation. (Pancake) PancakeSwap transaction:

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