Several applications of AirCoin about to land

AirCash King Fried App
AirCash is a decentralized OTC, no real name and no registration are required. It can be used directly in the wallet, and you can also use other people’s bank cards to deposit and withdraw funds. OTC has two roles: one is a customer and the other is a businessman. Customers looking for merchants to buy coins and sell coins only need to go through the wallet, without a third-party platform, and no need to pledge Air. Merchants charge 1%-1.5% of services to customers. For example, if customers buy 1,000 yuan, they need to pay 10-15 yuan service fee. For the safety of customer funds, merchants need to pledge at least 10 billion Air to the smart contract. The more pledged, the greater the amount that can be exchanged, and the more they earn.
With AirPay, you can buy things on various online shopping platforms, you can directly use AirPay to pay with Air, no need to exchange into CNY for payment.
After AirSwap goes online, the pledge Air mining is started, and you can mine oxygen coins, hydrogen coins, and so on. In the later period, other applications need to consume oxygen and hydrogen coins, and the price is high.
AirNFT production platform, NFT trading platform
Users can make their own NFTs by consuming Air or staking coins obtained from mining, and sell them to others through the NFT trading platform. The NFT trading platform can also trade various other NFTs.
In summary, as long as the market demands and the times require AIR applications, AIR will be implemented one by one. In particular, various applications have to pledge or deplete Air. The market is extremely scarce, and the price and value will skyrocket in the near future.
Contract address: 0xd8a2aE43Fd061d24acd538e3866Ffc2c05151b53