Regarding the introduction of non-public fundraising plans for investment institutions

[Announcement]: Regarding the introduction of non-public fundraising plans for investment institutions (ACC20210813-003)

For the development of the AirCoin project, the community has begun to connect with the world’s top investment institutions and open a private fundraising plan for investment institutions.

We hope that the entry of investment institutions can not only bring capital to the AirCoin project, but also bring more support to the application ecology of the AirCoin project.

  1. Program overview:

1.1 The community and the investment institution negotiate and determine the investment details.

1.2 After the investment institution has issued the investment letter of intent, the community will organize the consensus participants to participate in the lock-up plan to voluntarily transfer their positions and transfer AIR to the investment custody account.

1.3 After the end of the fundraising period, the community will select the intended investment institution based on the investment intent and continue to follow up on investment matters.

1.4 After receiving the investment money from the investment institution, the community will distribute the received funds to the lock-up consensus who actively transfers AIR.

1.5 The community will distribute AIR to a lock-up smart contract specially developed for investment institutions, and the lock-up smart contract will release AIR to the investment institution according to a predetermined lock-up plan.

  1. Community transfer quota:

No more than 200 trillion AIR.

  1. Price:

Not public for the time being.

  1. Number of Intentional Investment Institutions:

No more than 20.

  1. Requirements of Intentional Investment Institutions:

5.1 Top international investment institutions.
5.2 There is a complete post-investment service.
5.3 In line with the concept of the AIR project.
5.4 Have invested in projects that can produce synergy with the AIR application ecosystem.
5.5 Priority to accept investment from major public chain ecological funds.

  1. Source of investment institution quota:

Each user participating in the lock-up plan will transfer their personal AIR and transfer it to the investor custody account.

  1. Investment institution lock-up plan:

AIR purchased by institutional investors will be locked for 1 year from the end of the fundraising, and will be released in 10 months after 1 year, and 10% will be released every month

  1. Intentional investment institutions:

a16z crypto

Polychain Capital

Coinbase Ventures

HashKey Capital



Binance Labs

Huobi Labs

Fenbushi Capital

Binance X

Polygon Ecological Fund

Fantom Ecological Fund

Heco Ecological Fund

Solana Ecological Fund

  1. Contact information:

Disruptive ecology, please see AirCoin