Old tokens to new air tokens

hello guys ,
transfer 30% of your old air coins to ( Lock Address (Round 2):
keep 70% of remaining old air coins in your wallet , do not sell or swap with new air coin .
and end of september you will get 70 % new air coins . and remaining 30% you will receive one year later if you did not sell the new air token which you received ,

5.6 How to join the plan

5.6.1 If you did not participate in the consensus lock-up round 1, please transfer 30% of your AIR holdings to the “Lock Address (0xaA3bF6cEb63eF599EAFBbfea27d4Ca2B53D87f54)” .

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Please I want to transfer my air coin to new contact address

Wie kann ich die alten aircoins in die neuen umwandeln? Aircoin Support please help