Never stop AirCoin has always been on the road of innovation

If you want to expand the size of the team in the Liaoning community, you must promote the evangelism, but the premise of the evangelism is that you have a full understanding of AIR. When you recommend AIR to others, you must be able to tell the advantages of AIR. AIR is good. Where is he? What is his value? What are the future prospects? Why are so many people willing to contribute selflessly to empower AIR? What can AIR bring us in the future? After waiting for this series of questions, everyone must figure out that the goodness of AIR is not what others tell you, but you must feel it yourself. You must remember that what can move people is definitely not rhetoric and deceit. It is sincere. Our original intention of establishing the community is to take great love as the core content, spread this love out, and let more people know and feel that great love has no boundaries and benefits everywhere, so that other talents can achieve themselves. This This is the philosophy of our AIR Chinese community.
Undoubtedly, the blockchain digital currency must be the inevitable trend of community economic development in the future, but what are the advantages of AIR in today’s era of flying dogs?
First of all, AIR is a contract token issued on the Binance Chain on May 13, 2021, with a total issuance of 1 trillion yuan. At the beginning of the issue, 67.48% of the liquidity was directly penetrated into the black hole and permanently destroyed. The total market liquidity of the old AIR The volume is only 3,352 trillion, and it will never be issued again. After the fork, it is extremely deflationary. The total circulation is destroyed to 8,360 trillion. At present, the total global circulation of the new AIR is only 1,640 trillion. The quantity is extremely scarce. Unchanging truth
After the fork, it will be released according to the annual halving rule, which means that the total amount of AIR that can be circulated to the market within the next 10,000 years is only 410 trillion, which is enough to prove the scarcity of AIR.
Second, investment safety
After the fork, the initial capital injection of the AIR liquidity pool is 50 trillion AIR—200 BNB, which is the initial price of the AIR new currency. All LPs in the liquidity pool have been destroyed by the black hole, which proves that anyone has any factor There is no way to withdraw funds from the liquidity pool. AIR will never return to zero. Any of us’s investments are very safe.
Third, the advantages of AIR tokens
As we all know, in the past, the slippage of the dogs we participated in was basically more than 10%, and the slippage of individual tokens was even higher than 50%, and each transaction would be charged a corresponding fee. Such tokens do not have financial attributes, let alone Convenient circulation. Our AIR has zero handling fee and zero slippage. It can be traded. Its own financial attributes and circulation attributes are not comparable to other tokens. This is why such a powerful application scenario of decentralized OTC will be implemented in AIR. In terms of tokens, because AIR itself has such properties, it is a token that can be circulated
Fourth, the future plan of AIR
Tokens go first, product acquisition, capital operation.
There are different centers in different stages. The first stage of AIR is focused on operations. On the one hand, it promotes the market and on the other hand, it is also to prepare seed users for subsequent application scenarios. The second stage is focused on products. At present, all our work is centered on products, establishing a product ecology, using the product ecology to retain existing people, and at the same time developing potential currency holders with the product. AIR is a continuous process. AIR in the operation stage is the object of operation, and AIR in the product ecological stage is the use rights certificate of the system. After the product ecology is established, a reasonable token economic model is very important. A reasonable token economic model ensures that AIR is a rigid demand and mutual empowerment in the entire product ecology. To a certain extent, all the current operations, the market we have worked so hard to hit, is to make the product ecology hot start. The traditional Internet generally takes products first. At least there is an MVP and then capital boosts the market. In the blockchain industry, tokens can be used first to build a community, and then use products to take over. The users are prepared in advance before the product goes online. Connection requires a reasonable economic model. First of all, the product solves a real and unsatisfied demand. Secondly, AIR has use value in this product, that is, some rights and interests need to hold AIR, pledge AIR, and pay for AIR when using the product.
In the era of large water release, the rule of personal survival is to be the first group of people to obtain additional issuance of currency and credit when the water is released, and then convert the currency and credit into assets that will be flooded, and then wait for the asset to appreciate. Money and credit people, or just a group of people who just need to pay for the appreciation of your assets.
Our AIR is the same. After the product ecology is established, the people who will eventually pay for the appreciation of our assets are those who did not buy AIR in the early days but must use our products.
The slogan we shouted before was to log in to the three major sources of global wealth. Sharing the wealth of these speculators is only the first level. They are not the ultimate payers. Ultimately, the most solid buys must be those who use our products. Because the token economic model determines that certain scenarios need to pay, hold, and pledge AIR.
Our path has some similarities with BNB. Initially, it was just a coin, but more and more scenarios were used. Invisible application scenarios created some just-needed buying orders. These just-needs are the price support of AIR, because they want to use ours. They will buy products regardless of the price of AIR, and they must buy it. OTC is the last link in the decentralized field. Our AIR ecological application just solves a ubiquitous and unsatisfied rigid need that everyone will use. Then such an application can bring value to AIR. Can be unlimited.
Our AIR has always been on the road of innovation. Whether it can become the mainstream ecosystem or not, let us wait and see. Everyone who holds AIR will definitely get a different harvest.