International Intermodal Facebook Operation Group Holds Group Competition

International Intermodal Facebook Operation Group Holds Group Competition

  1. Competition items
  2. The number of posts by each group.
    First prize: 1 reward group with 1 billion AIR
    Second prize: 2, reward group 600 million AIR
    The third prize: 3, the reward group 300 million AIR
    Encouragement Award: 2 prizes of 100 million
  3. The number of new recruits in this event
    1 first prize, 1 billion (more than 10 people)
    2 second prizes, 600 million (more than 6 people)
    3 third prizes, 300 million (more than 3 people)

Second, the game time
From 00:00 on July 1, 2022 to 24:00 on July 30, 2022

Third, the participants of the competition

  1. Take the group as a unit, recruit personnel by themselves, and the number is not limited.
  2. Participating groups are not limited to the 8 groups in the Facebook operation group of the international intermodal transportation. Anyone who has a Facebook group in the Chinese community and the international community can participate.
  3. Each person can only participate in one group competition, not more than one group.
  4. Each group will report the list of contestants to the core group of the Facebook operation group for reporting

Fourth, entry requirements

  1. The theme is clear, the description is accurate, consistent with the official website of the AIR community, seeking truth from facts, not exaggerating, unambiguous, and concise.
  2. Posting requirements include the following elements:
    ①AirCoin contract address,
    ②AirCash operating procedures
    ③Chinese community telegram group QR code,
    Or international telegram QR code
    ④ At the same time, properly match pictures, texts and videos.

Fifth, this event aims to increase the promotion of AirCoinDAOLabs, attract new friends, connect with each other, help each other, learn from each other, make progress together, improve the overall quality of groups and individuals, build the AIR world brand, and create an industry benchmark in the currency circle.

Everyone is welcome to participate actively, and I wish you all the best of luck and good results!

International Intermodal Facebook Operations Group

June 28, 2022