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AirCoin family, good now, I am the OTC of the community, and also the sharer of this time. Now we must recognize that there is a value coin with a landing application to have a prospect and a promising future. Applications such as games, NFTs, meta universe, etc. will endow the explosion of value coins. But these alone are not enough to reflect the future value of AIR. Air has landing applications, and there are more popular NFTs. The most important thing is that it has its own decentralized trading platform OTC, which is not available in other currencies.
The centralized trading platform can no longer survive with the current ZC, so decentralization is imminent, and it is just needed! Anyone who has played centralized trading knows that all centralized trading platforms can handle whatever they want at critical moments, so you are limited by it. The currency bought on the centralized trading platform looks like the currency is in your account. In fact, there is no currency in the trading platform, and the currency is not in your account. What you see is a string of numbers, and the trading platform can take your currency. Go to hit the market, go to the contract and so on. The decentralized trading platform is different. Everything is handed over to the players themselves and to the market. It will not unplug your network cable or take your coins. Everything is on the chain. It is open and transparent. The most important thing is that it is open and transparent. It can also solve the problem of safe deposit and withdrawal. Air cash application is to solve the problem of deposit and withdrawal.
AirCash is currently the first and largest decentralized OTC platform. Trading cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies in a decentralized manner. Air cash has completed the first transaction of the internal beta test on September 24, which can be checked on the Binance test chain! Air cash opened up the last link of decentralization! Let centralization become history, and make the blockchain safer and more free!

  1. Easy to use
    Use the fiat currency in the wallet to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.
    You no longer need any exchange.
  2. No authentication
    KYC, account and personal information are no longer needed.
    You can buy and sell anonymously.
  3. Security and privacy
    Traders get in touch through a peer-to-peer messenger.
    No one knows the details of your transaction except yourself.
  4. Decentralization and DAO
    All transactions are carried out on the blockchain.
    We have established a DAO for decentralized governance.
    AirCash will shake the world! ! !
    AIR is a contract token issued on the Binance Chain on May 13, 2021 (contract address: 0xd8a2aE43Fd061d24acd538e3866Ffc2c05151b53), with a total issuance of 1 trillion, and 67.48% of the liquidity at the beginning of the issue went directly to the black hole for permanent destruction, and the liquidity pool The total amount is 3250 trillion. After the fork, the total circulation of the new AIR was destroyed to 8,360 trillion. At present, the total global circulation of the new AIR is only 1,640 trillion, but the amount that can be circulated in the market is extremely scarce, only tens of trillions. Coin holders have a strong consensus and have been locked. Rare things are precious, this is the eternal truth. As we all know, in the past, the slippage of the dogs we participated in was basically more than 10%, and the slippage of individual tokens was even higher than 50%, and each transaction would charge a corresponding handling fee. Such tokens do not have financial attributes. Inconvenient for circulation. Our AIR has zero handling fee and zero slippage. It can be traded. Its own financial and circulation properties are not comparable to other tokens. This is why such a powerful application scenario of decentralized OTC will be implemented on AIR tokens. Because AIR itself has such attributes, it is a token that can be circulated. Therefore, in general, AirCoin does not have many circulating coins. In the future, a decentralized trading platform needs a platform currency, and the demand for this is very large-AIR belongs to the platform currency. You can compare Binance and Huobi. The platform currency of these trading platforms, you can see the role of these platform currency, you can think about (AIR) its value. After the central trading platform comes out, the price of the currency will rise quickly. Everyone should know that “just need” is the key point! To put it ugly, no matter how good the currency is, you earn millions and tens of millions, which is just a bunch of numbers in your wallet. So many people have difficulty withdrawing money. And AIR can solve the problem of deposits and withdrawals in the currency circle, and can solve the problem of freedom of buying and selling coins. No one controls this trading platform. At that time, many people are willing to use AIR’s decentralized trading platform to do what they like. , In Air cash, you are safe and you are free!
    The creation of smart contract NFT is an innovation, the world’s first! This change will change the single value realization method of AIR, and the circulation of NFT will form a perfect closed loop in the AIR ecosystem. While achieving more people, it can also promote the better development of the project.
    The current AIR is still in the early stage. Institutions have not yet entered the market. In the future, the decentralized trading platform will come out. After the institutions enter the market, they will go to the secondary market. There is basically no retail investors. That is the capitalist market. So now AIR In its infancy, the primary market is the best time to enter the market. AIR is completely a project with development potential, a project worthy of your investment, and a project just needed by the currency circle otc.
    AIR has always been imitated, never surpassed! The first in the lock-up mechanism circle, the first in the decentralized OTC circle, the first in the deflation mechanism circle, and the first in the dual-value NFT construction circle. For such a vibrant project and team, what else can you hesitate and wait and see?
    With the advent of the market trend, many coins in the market are basically pulled up 10 times, 20 times, and then smashed and run away! In the market, 99% of the coins are played in this way, and you go in to be a stepping stone for others.
    Hold AIR, first recognize its value and then analyze, you will find the difference in AIR. Understand AIR and hold it, it will bring you the results you want! See you at the top of Air, and hope that at the top of Air, we can still walk together!

The largest decentralized over-the-counter trading platform OTC in the galaxy