Disruptive ecology, please see AirCoin

     AIR was issued to mock the madness of the cryptocurrency market. AIR is everywhere. After purchasing Air Coin, you will get nothing except AIR. It is issued on the Binance smart chain. There is no private equity, no crowdfunding, and it is completely community autonomy.

    The birth of the air coin AirCoin has its own halo, because the name Air is a very eye-catching highlight. It is favored by blockchain enthusiasts at home and abroad. The words that overseas communities can hear every day are: "I can't breathe. I need fresh air". In this harmonious atmosphere, many people are looking forward to the ecological development of AirCoin. Today we will talk about the ecological blueprint of AIR.

    The AIR autonomous community has never stopped product research and development. The current AirCoin ecosystem has pledged mining and decentralized OTC transactions, which will be launched in the next two months!

    Zero project pledge mining: Many people have heard that it is to pledge those projects that have been almost zero to obtain AirCoin. The advantage of this project is that it can help the victims who bought the zero-returning project to recover the losses as much as possible and save the old and new leeks in the currency circle. Secondly, while helping others, AIR also increases its popularity so as to let more people. Hold, form a super consensus with more communities, and jointly maintain the blockchain environment.

   Decentralized OTC trading system: Our previous cash OTC transactions were all carried out on centralized exchanges. If centralized trading institutions restrict the access to gold OTC transactions, it will definitely have a very big impact on the market, and even some exchanges directly close OTC transactions, cash cannot enter and exit, and investors will suffer huge economic losses. Therefore, AirCoin autonomous community research and development, decentralized OTC trading system, make full use of the advantages of smart contracts, and completely solve the problem that decentralized wallets cannot access cash from the root. This is also a long-awaited project for blockchain enthusiasts. There is no longer any need to worry about whether you can deposit or realize the issue.

    It can be seen that the two projects to be launched by AirCoin are very promising for practical applications and can truly empower the AirCoin ecosystem. Later, more and more products will be released, such as AirPool, AirSwap, AirCash, AirPay, etc. AirCoin will become one of the largest ecosystems in the crypto world.

   AIR has been on the path of innovation. Can it become a mainstream ecosystem? We will wait and see!

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Currently, 9 of the top 10 currency collection platforms overseas have included AirCoin:

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The total amount of AirCoin tokens is 100 million, and 6,748 trillion has been destroyed (directly sent to the black hole), and currently 325.2 billion is in circulation. (Pancake) PancakeSwap transaction:

AirCoin Binance Chain smart chain contract address: 0xa123ab52a32267dc357b7599739d3c6caf856fe4

Original link: 浅谈AIR颠覆性的生态布局.-非小号

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