Congratulations on AIR's empty investment activity in CMC

Aircoin is an old California’s foreigners released on May 13th. As its name: Air Coin, the project released the original intention to ridicule the madness of the currency market. The total supply is 10,000 billion, of which 67.4832% are opened into the black hole destruction, the remaining 32.5168% (3, 251, 680,000,000) and 10 BNBs into PancakeSwap (Pizza) to get liquidity fairness; the project is selfless autonomy; all the initial AIR-BNB LP by sending a token has been permanently locked to (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001), which means that all initial liquidity is always locked, all traders are safe, either party may withdraw no pool.

Aircoin started Air Turning on CMC on August 6th, ending on the 11th. At present, Air Turning is successfully concluded in CMC, and the number of CMC has exceeded the history of 160,000. The number of CMC airdrop participants exceeded 160,000. The number of electricity report was exceeded by 40,000. Twitter fans broke through 30,000. The official channel was concerned about 25,000, Youtube fans created Video exceeds 50 videos.

With the sharp increase in the number of international communities, the AIR price has risen, and it has successfully installed a 0, and the 0 plans are still in progress.

CMC airdrops open AIR’s new journey, which will continue to promote international operations and heavy products.

What is the advantage of AirCoin? So you love you at home and abroad?

The project model is clear, it will not understand it. (Without dividend, destruction, phase change) is easier to promote understanding. (Destroy 63%, directly into the black hole, permanently lock the position).

Community autonomous operation, no project parties, no residents, so there is no rising space in the price of unlimited potential, is a currency in the chain circle. Don’t engage in propaganda, there is no routine, it is a safe departure of all currency leeks. Professionally teaches you how to don’t go into pits, so that you have learned from other places.

The community is willing to make a few times, and the top three are officially started. And the community department is quite united, the responsibility, the establishment of the Propaganda Department, the Division, and the high degree of unity is the strongest consensus community in history, and the willingness to join in the history, Aircoin is always please.

The total coin is scattered, the top 500 is stable, the stepped service (trillion, hundreds of billions, tens of millions of community service holding more people) is currently nearly 70,000, the previous substrate has been cast, multi-propaganda channel has been opened: Gold Finance, non-small, Facebook, Twitter, CMC (Coinmarketcap, etc.), there are reports, and mainstream media. (Please browse for details)

The market is broader, and the international community is promoted earlier than the Chinese community. The number of people exceeds 40,000 yuan +, the global market, does not have to worry about internal inflation.

At present, the Aircoin community has completed all preparations before the take-off, and the coin price is in a very low stage, which is very suitable for people who know someone to join Aircoin, welcome to develop teams and individuals. (Note: Please see the corresponding domestic and international community groups.

The Aircoin community target will start.
Aircoin air coins are journey is the star sea, the air is everywhere.

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Aircoin Air Turning QQ Community: 906629585

Aircoin’s total amount of billions billion, 6748 trillion has been destroyed (directly to black hole), currently 325.2 billion, (Pizza) PancakeSwap Trading:

Air Coin Coin Chain Intelligent Chapter Address: 0xA123AB52A32267DC357B7599739D3C6CAF856FE4