Chinese Year of the Tiger' Themed Design Competition Announcement

Chinese Year of the Tiger’ Themed Design Competition Announcement

Chinese New Year is around the corner.

In order to celebrate the Chinese Year of Tiger together, with the strong support from AirCoin DAO Labs Foundation, the Design Competition with the theme of “Chinese Year of the Tiger”, sponsored by the AirCoin DAO Labs Chinese community now is officially open!


  1. Design should focus on the spirits of the Chinese New Year-- joy and peace;

  2. The design should be original and creative reflecting positive energy;

  3. Highlight the core value of AirCoin DAO Labs;

  4. High clear picture quality, in JPG or PNG format;

  5. Maximum 5 pieces of work per person.

Design Format–

  1. Recommended picture size not less than 1280×1280, and resolution at 300dpi
  2. Recommended video size 1920×1080 or 1280×720
  3. Individual or group New Year’s greetings video (VLOG)

Please submit your design to–
Chinese self-media team
International Design Group Telegram Group (telegram @i168i, @reneair66)

Submission Deadline
February 5, 2022

Winner Prize–
1 x Grand Prize : 100 million of AIR
1 x 1st prize : 60 million of AIR
2 x 2nd prize : 30 million of AIR ( Each Winner )
3 x 3rd prize : 10 million of AIR ( Each Winner )
10 x Consolation prize : 3 million of AIR ( Each Winner )

Special Note–

  1. The top 30 design works will be screened and decided by the organizer. These works will be put up for public vote on the official Instagram platform (Login • Instagram) from February 6th to February 14th, 2022. The final winners will be selected according to the official voting results.

  2. The winning design works will be displayed on AirCoin DAO Labs official Twitter, Air official telegram group, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE and other social media.

  3. All winners will receive a customized tiger-themed NFT by AirCoin DAO Labs, and the prize will be distributed in the form of an NFT with an asset package. These customized NFTs will play a special role in the ecological development of the Air community in the future.

  4. As the organizer, AirCoin DAO Labs Chinese community reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.

Together, let’s share the joy and enjoy this art event without any boundary.

AirCoin DAO Labs
January 20, 2022