【Announcement】The Fork And Migration Of AIR (ATT20210906-008)

The community decided to fork the AIR token to the new contract address to ensure the interests of the consensus holders.

1 Overview

Those who have participated in the consensus lock-up plan round 1 and consensus lock-up plan round 2 will immigrate to a new AIR token.

The community has take a snapshot of AIR position data at 16:00 on September 5th,UTC, 2021. AIR position after 16:00 on September 5th, UTC, 2021 is invalid.

  1. New AIR token info

2.1 Token name: AIR

2.2 Token symbol: AIR

2.3 Token decimal: 18

2.4 Total supply:


2.5 Contract Address:


2.6 Total AIR of the initial liquidity: 50 trillion

2.7 Total circulation supply = the amount of AIR held by the lock-up consensus holders + the total AIR of the initial liquidity.

2.8 The rest of AIR will be destroyed forever.

  1. New AIR liquidity

3.1 The community has sold all the AIR held by the community, with a total of 300 BNB.

3.2 The community will send 260 BNB and 50 trillion AIR into the liquidity pool.

3.3 The community will send 40 BNB to the address of the community marketing fund for transaction fees.

3.4 The initial liquidity token will be destroyed.

  1. New AIR

4.1 The community will directly lock up more than 30% of AIR for 1 year with a smart contract.

4.2 The community will distribute the unlocked AIR to each consensus holder.

4.3 The community will create the new AIR liquidity pool at 10:00 on September 06, 2021, UTC.

  1. Old AIR

5.1 Please sell all the old AIR as soon as possible.

5.2 After the new AIR liquidity pool is created, the community will issue an announcement as soon as possible.

5.3 The community will completely terminate all work of the old AIR.

5.4 The community will make every effort to accelerate the ecological applications in the new AIR.

hello everyone , i have transferred 30% of my total coins on 5th September 10pm utc time ,does my coin will migrate to new AIR coin , and what about the old air coins . i have spent 3k$ on that and now not worthy of 10$

I sent 20% of my Air , can someone tells me please what is next

I mistakenly transferred assets to AIR . token

Bạn k swp phần còn lại thì sau hôm nay 6/9 bạn sẽ k swp đc nữa

no one here to reply ?