Announcement on Air Buying Branch Migration (ATT20210906-008)

[Announcement] Announcement on Air Buying Branch Migration (ATT20210906-008)

In order to the development of the Aircoin project, the maximum interest of consensus is guaranteed, and the community resolution is franked through the AIR.

1 Overview

Community decided to lead the international community consensus, ecological application development team, member of the Chinese area of ​​the trillion iron military army, and the total number of members of the Chinese area of ​​100 billion Iron Blood Legion 1: 1 migrated to the new AIR to new AIR, and thoroughly excluded the unbounded latch consensus plan the address of.

The qualified user address of the lock latch more than 30% before 24:00 on June 05, 2021, 2021, will be snapshots, and all the positions will be all translated to the new contract address.

The community has made a snapshot on the position of the position data and lock bin data at 24:00 on September 05, 2021, 2021, and the position data of 24:00 on September 02, 2021, 24:00, 202, 24 : The AIR of the gang after 00 is ineffective.

  1. New AIR Currency Information

2.1 Currency Name: Air

2.2 Bottom ID: Air

2.3 Currency decimal point: 18

2.4 AIR Total Currency:


2.5 Currency Contract Address:


2.6 Initial Pool AIR Total: 500 trillion

2.7 Total circulation = Total lock AIR + flow cell AIR in the lock latch consensus.

2.8 AIR except the total circulation will be all incorporated into the black hole.

  1. New AIR fluidity

3.1 Community has sold all the AIR held by the community, and 300 BNBs have been sold.

3.2 Community will inject 260 BNBs and 500 trillion AIR into the flow cell.

3.3 Community has sent 40 BNBs to the Community Marketing Fund Address, and use the translation fee expense.

3.4 The initial liquidity collection will be sent to the black hole address destruction.

  1. New AIR distribution

4.1 The community will directly use the intelligent contract to lock the first and two-wheeled latching a total of more than 30% of the AIR to lock for 1 year.

4.2 Communities will distribute the unlocked parts of the new AIR to each migration user.

4.3 The community will open a new AIR mobile pool on time at 18:00 in the afternoon of September 06, 2021, 2021.

  1. Old AIR Treatment Plan

5.1 As soon as possible, the old AIR is sold as BNB as soon as possible, otherwise the consequences are borne.

5.2 After the new AIR flow cell is opened, the community will release an announcement in the first time.

5.3 Consensus community will completely terminate all of the old AIR’s efforts.

5.4 Consensus community will create new AIRs and accelerate the landing of ecological applications in the new AIR.

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