[Announcement]: Lock-up & Consensus Plan Executed (LCP0210819-002)

It is the trickiest token I have bought and seems real hard to get any guidance, info on it.
Everyone keeps telling me it’s a rug pull but as I can’t move the money anywhere I have no choice like yourself but to leave it.
I would be gutted if I had 65k I couldn’t touch. Its like playing with demo money, I’ve started to loose interest in it

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Exactly, 65k you would think that you can actually use it.
I have transferred 6k on a completely different TrustWallet address and I got 6k (minus a small transfer fee), Coinbase gave me the same amount also.
Coinbase has AIR and BabyDoge as tokens, but there are not transferable as of yet, maybe they’ll work on that.
It has to be a way to swap it from BEP20 to BEP2 and swap again in BNB BEP2 and then transfer to your bank…a lot of swapping tho.
It’s not a scam coin.

I have contacted different youtubers for some guidance…

I have contacted directly AIR for some info also.

The info I have found online is not helping whatsoever.

The problem starts with TrustWallet itself, it’s a DEfi wallet and that’s the main reason it’s so hard to cash out BEP20’s.
You need Metamask and Binance bridge, connect wallets and so forth…its a struggle, I can’t find a way…working on it tho.

They should move the TrustWallet platform on a Robinhood type platform, with credit card. That would make life so much easier.

Well you deffo know Alot more than I do about it.
I’ve just transfered my old air to new air but it’s not telling me it’s worth at all plus lost 49billion coins. I presume we will get it back at end of the month in an air drop?


I think the new AIR it’s started when original AIR dropped under 8 zeros. It’s like an adjustment or some sort…might be wrong. They have 2 different addresses. I bought separate the new AIR.
Except the address, everything else it’s the same.

On coinmarketcap it’s only listed the old one tho…trying to figure it out.

Yes, you might get it back at the end of the month, not sure how that works either. Hope you do.

Was ranked 3620, now went up the ranks to 2792. Was that 53000% increase last week that bump it up so much.

Deffo was. I bought few months back, crashed right out down to £1.50 and that bump pushed it up to £2200. I thought I was a gonna last month lol.
Just gunna sit back and see what happens. If nothing at end of the month will contact air

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It is also the fault of sites like coinmarketcap. I bought my first AIR a couple of weeks back, so what I did was to copy the AIR address from coinmarketcap, and enter it in pancakeswap. As you do this only once, I kept buying the following days using the same old address. At some point coinmarketcap updated the coin with the new address, but I kept buying with the old one as I was not aware of this. I didn’t get any email or read it in their newsletter that AIR has changed address!!!

Bugger, thats a pain in the ass.
Well fingers crossed we both will come out smelling of roses

Where are the coin creators in all this mess???

I have contacted them through email. Waiting for an answer.

It’s a short term Coin with great short term gains. I don’t see a big future in it, it’s just we made some bucks with it.

I’m still using the old address when buying. If anything will update automatically to the new one, like some other coins I have and switched addresses.

The real problem with this coin is how do you transfer out the profit into real money?

It shouldn’t effect you. When you copy the new AIR address and paste it on coinmarketcap, still takes you to the old AIR coin.

In the description, yes it’s a new address provided, but it’s the same ICON, the blue circle with rainbow like AIR writing.

Coinbase has it listed as crypto, but it doesn’t allow you to swap to BNB yet, or cash it out in any way…
If you guys want, go on github and ask the guys there.
They might be able to help us.

I stopped buying because I don’t think the old address will revert to the new one, I think their plan is all coins in the old one to be completely worthless.

Same coin but two addresses. If you add them in metamask, pancakeswap or binance smart wallet, they are two different coins, holding different amounts.

The system will automatically update the coins, they can’t just throw billions of AIR coins to the garbage.

Coinmarketcap still have as the official contract the old address tho.

Binance Smart Chain:

I would stay on this one till something changes.

My bad, yes they do have the old one, however the price corresponds to the new one I think. Whereas pancakeswap for that address you mentioned has a different and much lower price.

I really hope so, but they haven’t done it, instead they changed the ratio between the old and new address by means of price. I am not holding my breath that whatever volume you had in the old one, the same you will have with the new. This is such a screw up…

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I think the “lower price” you see on the new one is because the steady price we have now. For sure will be another huge increase of % wise, something like last week in the order of 57890% increase, then you’ll see the difference when buying the new one. That’s what I’m waiting for. :call_me_hand: