[Announcement]: Lock-up & Consensus Plan Executed (LCP0210819-002)

I really hope so, but they haven’t done it, instead they changed the ratio between the old and new address by means of price. I am not holding my breath that whatever volume you had in the old one, the same you will have with the new. This is such a screw up…

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I think the “lower price” you see on the new one is because the steady price we have now. For sure will be another huge increase of % wise, something like last week in the order of 57890% increase, then you’ll see the difference when buying the new one. That’s what I’m waiting for. :call_me_hand:

Hey guys, try as explained by one of the youtubers. In my area Binance Smart Chain Wallet is not available, I have to find another way. But see if it works for you, if you have binance and me us know please.

If Binance Smart Chain Wallet is not available in your area, try this way.

Please send me my lock to this address
Because someone from Air token Dev scammed my account saying that he is representative from you guys on Twitter. So he told me that the reason why I didn’t received my crypto is because my account has error on it for me to have access to it I need to scan my trust wallet to remove the problem. Next thing you know he stoll 50k worth of crypto from my trust wallet.

Contact them at this email address: hello@aircoin.cool

Just be careful with your wallets, contact only through official channels. Double check and triple check the info before sending anything.

In case of error from their part, they will reimburse you, but in case of scam, there’s nothing they can do for you.

I have Binance Smart Chain and I do have Coinbase. To start with Coinbase doesn’t support AIR, so you cannot send them directly there. It has to be done by converting your old AIR to BNB like he said. On pancakeswap the price of the old AIR is not the one shown on coinmarketcap, but 100 times lower…

As you can see, on both these coins (AIR / SPAZ) coinmarketcap gives me the real data price.

The pancakeswap is screwing me on both. For SPAZ I’m only getting 0.24 cent / coin instead of 0.91

On Coinbase I’m getting also the real price, as shown on my TrustWallet.

So the problem is , I think we’re using the wrong pancakeswap on DAapps.

On Coinbase, even tho is not supported yet, still shows the real increase of that coin and reflects the real amount on my TrustWallet 65k

Same with Smile/SPAZ

So what the fuck is going on here??

It’s a step by step explanation on how to transfer from TrustWallet to BSC/MetaMask (BNB) to Coinbase to bank account.

The problem that I have is I can’t connect my TrustWallet to Binance Smart Chain Network using Metamask. Anyone knows the secret? I added the Binance Smart Chain Network to my Metamask already, but it would not connect, this little fucker

It is pancake in general. If you open it on a browser, it is still giving you that old price. There is no way to liquidate them, I have then on a smart chain wallet but cannot turn them in cash.

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How is that possible? 65k of AIR coin only $0.23 BNB?
It should be 160 BNB

Pancakeswap is the only place you can swap AIR unfortunately. And they need to change the price to reflect the right one. Now their support also sucks as bad as here. And telegram is not to be trusted at all.

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Hopefully soon Coinbase will allow the transfer on their platform. That one reflects the real price.

I guess AIR coin motto is: working harder not smarter.

I just sent to Coinbase about this situation, and urging them to add the coin as many of us want to move our coins but cannot, please do the same, all of you!

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I was about to say the same thing. I’ll do it now. Great idea.

Can you share the email address of coinbase please. They give me the message option. I don’t want that. I wanna contact support directly.

Go on other, fill the blanks and write your message to Coinbase, basically urging them to make other tokes available for swap on their platform.

I couldn’t find an actual email for support.

Never mind, here it is:

I have sent them an email, with screenshots of the differences in price and increase between platforms.
Contact them guys.
As tazoul said, urge them to make these coins available for swap on their platform, as they are present already, just need to activate the coin.

AIR coin migrated to BSC

These really sucks
I’m not selling off my old air.
I bought it with all the money I’ve been saving thinking it’d yield a good project.
This is a crap.
I have no new aircoin
Compensate me👇