[Announcement]: Lock-up & Consensus Plan Executed (LCP0210819-002)

[Announcement]: Lock-up & Consensus Plan Executed (LCP0210819-002)
The community has implemented the “lock-up & consensus” plan to ensure the interests of honest AIR holders.

1.Lock Time:
August 19, 2021 - August 19, 2022.

2.Lock Amount:
170579795999576 AIR.

3.TX Hash:

4.Lock-up Page:

5.Lock-up Address:

6.AIR Liquidity Burn Page:

7.Details of the Lock & Consensus Plan:
7-1. Transfer 10% of your AIR holdings to the “Lock Address (0x9902a57951aCd9115D60534bD6aB7CCcA4D44384)” before 00:00 UTC, August 18, 2021.
At the same time, you should keep the promise that you will never sell the other 90% of your AIR holdings before August 19, 2022.

7-2. If you don’t keep your promise, We will never return the 10% locked AIR and transfer all the AIR to ACDF.

7-3. If you keep your promise, We will return 80% of the locked 10% AIR holdings (total 8%) and transfer the remaining 20% ​​(total 2%) to ACDF.

7-4. The community council promises a 30% annual return ( based on the price when lock-up).

7-5. Holders with a locked position have the right to vote.

7-6. The Community Council will lock the AIR with a smart contract on August 19.

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Let’s get some more air yeeeeeeeeehhh

Aircoin to the universe :earth_americas::heart_eyes::clinking_glasses::moneybag:

tmd, which contract?

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did you received the new tokens for old one ?

This guy just scam all my trust wallet.

This whole project is a scam.

The people who created this coin stole 368 billion shares from me and others claiming they changed the contract address and told people to transfer there shares. My brother works for the FBI and said if they don’t reply back then he with start investigating them for fraud.

How do you go about swapping AIR token for real money?

Just sent 30%, hope this is correct as it cost me a fair bit of cash. I’m new to all this and have no idea how to keep track of everything going on.
Got screen shots just incase.

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Did you swap AIR and sent it to your bank account or between 2 different wallets?

Just sent from my air wallet to the lock wallet.
No idea if I’m doing it correct as I’m not that savy on this kinda thing.
Be nice to get an email or something telling me it’s there and I havnt just sent money to a guy in China.
Used old coin not new coin

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Can you cash out from your lock wallet tho?
The bottom line of my question is how can we swap AIR for real currency.

Can you give me a step by step process of how did you do it? BEP20 it’s weird…

Let us know if it worked in your case?
Same here, old coin

When you say “lock wallet” you mean crypto hard wallet"? or something else?

Sorry about million questions

I just went on my trust wallet, clicked on air, send to the address that was posted for 30% lock and sent it.
All went through fine. I have no idea if I done it correct as I normally just buy on coinbase and its all done

I’ve never been able to move my air. On trust wallet says worth 2k but on pancakeswap says 3 dollers. When I moved to new air was worth nothing so transfered it back to old till get some clarity on what to do. Had 50billion coins and trade to new went to 56 million.
I need guidance myself :sob:

Yeah same here, on TrustWallet it’s 65k on pancake swap it’s $800. It’s confusing, although I bought it when it was 2 days old (0.000000000000001) now it’s (0.00000006) . On coinmarketcap calculator it shows my amount as being $65k when converted to dollars.
I think the swap has to be done on a different platform like metamask or binance. I’m not sure how all this works. Not a lot of info online either…some is confusing too.