[Announcement]: FAF (Fresh AIR Foundation) Lock (FAF20210813-002)

[Announcement]: FAF (Fresh AIR Foundation) Lock (FAF20210813-002)

For the development of the AIR project, we have locked all the AIR held by the FAF (Fresh AIR Foundation).

We have transferred all the AIR in the FAF address list to the FAF lock address and locked it for more than one year.

  1. Introduction of FAF:

The purpose of FAF(Fresh AIR Foundation) is to support environmental organizations all over the world.

FAF aims to purify the environment so that each of us can breathe fresh AIR.

FAF will donate AIR to environmental organizations in the future.

  1. FAF Lock Time:

August 16, 2021 - September 16, 2022

  1. FAF lock-up Address:


  1. FAF lock-up hash:

5.Team Finance Lock Page:

  1. AIR Liquidity Burn Page: