【Announcement】clarification of the AIR Migration(ATT20210907-009)

【Announcement】clarification of the AIR Migration(ATT20210907-009)

Some bad whale holders have bought more than 500 trillion old AIR with an illegal robot at a low price, but they don’t want to do anything to promote the AIR project but sell to earn from AIR.

Every time when the old AIR price is pumping, those bad whale holders sell their old AIR.

It is the reason why the old AIR is keeping dumping.

It is the reason why the AIR holders have lost their money.

We created a new AIR to fight with those bad whale holders and we win.

We will send new AIR to all of you, except those bad whale holders.

Thanks for your trust, thanks for your support.

Let’s make new AIR great together.

new AIR contract: 0xd8a2ae43fd061d24acd538e3866ffc2c05151b53


I had 2000000000 old tokens and now I swapped for new ones and I only have 27000000… what should I do


Hi, Are there equivalent amount of tokens that will be air dropped in new air wallets?
I cannot exchange my old AIR token into Binance nor into new AIR tokens. I asked for help on this matter on AIR Telegram, but no one gave me any response nor advise. They kicked me out of the group. Every time I asked the question, the one’s that would reply are scammer by direct messaging. High lighting this point linking it with no response from admin got me kicked out. Would it be wrong to accuse the admin of group to conspire against all members by replying and giving an opportunity to the scammers to sweet talk members with no idea?

I am also curious for the response you will get. This group admin may be very slow to respond, but the project is legit.

I tried to follow the process of a pseudo administrator from Twitter , they practically swapped me Metamask but I had nothing on it ! the old balance was never credited to me

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I tried to swap it today on trust wallet: Old AIR token for Binance, old AIR token contract was not recognised on pancake swap.
I took a screen shot and posted it in telegram asking how to swap old air tokens for Binance but no one from AIR team responded, the only response was from a scammer who direct messaged me acting as AIR team admin.
When I reported him on the official AIR telegram group and stated that AIR team is responsible for all scams as they fail to respond to any query on telegram, that gives an opportunity to the scammer to take advantage of the situation.
The end result: instead of resolving the problem, I was kicked out of the group.

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Hey guys,

I bought 392,059,153,925 on September 7th with the contract address:


Now your saying you changed the address to:


How do I get my shares to your new contract address? These are my rightful shares that I purchased with my hard earned money and now there lost? Please fix this. Here is proof of my transaction as well.


How I can get my money or you guys are fraud & can change contract whenever you want, it was not my fault , I want my money back

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I’m sorry to hear this is happening to you bro, same shit with me. I emailed them to help transfer my shares to the new contract address. If they reply I will send you a message.



I need a response about this ASAP, this is not looking good for your coin. I followed your instructions on transfer to the new contract address and it only gave me $33.90 which is wayyyy less than what I invested. I want my 392,059,153,925 shares back that I bought.

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Hey man type 20 for decimal, not 18

Try decimal “20”, I had this same issue but its not that you lost the money its how trust is showing you your information


I get what your saying but I originally had 392 billion shares. Then these people said we need to transfer to the new contract address and once I did that I now have 1billion shares

I bought some AIR using this address:


and via Pancakeswap. But nothing has arrived in my TrustWallet :frowning:

But according to BSCScan, the transaction was successful.

Please help.

This is a scam. They owe me 369 billion shares and they don’t reply back, they got what they wanted which was our money.

I think we need to put all our issues in one message and let them answer 1 message with all the questions in it.

Let me see if I can help, although I am only an investor like yourself so please don’t think I am an expert.

Step 1: Open your trust wallet
Step 2: On top right you will see two line cog next to collectable. click on the two line cog.
Step 3: Now you will see a list of tokens, scroll all the way down and click on Custom Tokens
Step 4: Click on Network
Step 5: Click Smart Chain
Step 6: Copy and paste the new AIR token contract This should auto fill (Name, Symbol, Decimal)
Step 7: Click Done on top right corner.
Step 8: Your new AIR token should be in your wallet.

How to convert old tokens into new tokens:
Step 1: Open your trust wallet
Step 2: Click DApps, this is between Wallet and DEX tab.
Step 3: Scroll down to the heading Popular and click on PancakeSwap.
Step 4: This should bring you to exchange page, now swap the old coins with your new coins.

Note: Here you get 1 new coin equivalent to 258 old coins and the $ amount will readjust (decrease in your wallet). This is the point we are all trying to understand, that we are not only giving away our tokens, we are also losing our money:
1 token (old or new) = $0.00000002
1 new token is equal to 258 old tokens

If I hold 1,000,000,000 old token x $0.00000002 = $20

if I swap 1,000,000,000 old tokens for new tokens I get:
-1,000,000,000 / 258 = 3,875,969 new tokens
3,875,969 new tokens x $0.00000002 = $0.08

This is a loss of ($20 - $0.08) = $19.92

i have token (old ) = $80
i swap to 7.000.000 new token = $0.23

If I hold 1,000,000,000 old token x $0.00000002 = $20

This is a loss of ($80 - $0.23) = $79.77
My wallet: 0xfE140e9E1C61c6a55d13b7Ffd69a02C47623aA7A


Poi i ladri e mafiosi sono gli italiani :joy:menomale avevo messo 5 euro


2021-09-10 21_33_43-Exchange _ PancakeSwap - $19.615 — Mozilla Firefox

What is this? 1 old AIR is almost 650 of the new ones? I loose 90% of the money I invested in the old coin! Someone needs to clarify how we do this, and also clarify about Round 2, do we send old AIR coins, or new AIR coins? The lack of fast support on these issues leaves a very bad impression about the truthfulness of the project, do the creators realize this?