[Announcement] AIR Token Fork plan (TFPALC20210905-008)

The community decided to launch the token fork migration plan to ensure the interests of the consensus holders.

  1. Overview of the migration plan

If the AIR participated in the consensus lock-up plan is less than 3000 trillion before 24:00 on October 5th, the community will officially start the token fork migration plan.

Those who have participated in the consensus lock-up plan round 1 and consensus lock-up plan round 2 will immigrate to a new AIR token.

Those who have not participated in the lock-up consensus plan will not immigrate.

  1. Migration standards

If the AIR participating in the consensus lock-up plan is less than 3000 trillion before 24:00 on October 5th, the community will start the token fork and migration plan.

  1. Who will immigrate

3.1 Those who have participated in the Lock & Consensus plan round 1 and the Lock & Consensus plan round 2.

3.2 Technology team.

  1. How to Migration

4.1 Take a 1:1 snapshot of the total AIR positions of qualified users.

4.2 Add a new AIR-BNB liquidity pool to PancakeSwap.

4.3 Destroy the initial liquidity LP tokens.

4.4 Announce the new AIR contract address.

4.5 Distribute new AIR tokens 1:1 to qualified users.

4.6 Make an Announcement about the migration.

  1. Rules for the Lock & Consensus plan round 2.

The Lock & Consensus plan round 2 is now open.

5.1 Who can join the plan(Round 2): All AIR holders.

5.2 Deadline(Round 2): 10 days after killing another zero.

5.3 Lock Execution Time (Round 2): 11 days after killing another zero.

5.4 Lock Time(Round 2): 1 year.

5.5 Lock Address (Round 2):

5.6 How to join the plan

5.6.1 If you did not participate in the consensus lock-up round 1, please transfer 30% of your AIR holdings to the “Lock Address (0xaA3bF6cEb63eF599EAFBbfea27d4Ca2B53D87f54)” .

5.6.2 If you have participated in the consensus lock-up round 1, please transfer 20% of your AIR holdings to the “Lock Address (0xaA3bF6cEb63eF599EAFBbfea27d4Ca2B53D87f54)” .

5.6.3 At the same time, you should keep the promise that you will never sell the other 70% of your AIR holdings within one year.

5.6.4 If you don’t keep your promise, We will never return the 30% locked AIR and transfer all the AIR to ACDF.

5.6.5 If you keep your promise, We will return all the AIR.

5.6.6 The community council promises a 30% annual return ( Based on the price when lock-up).

5.6.7 Holders with a locked position have the right to vote.

5.6.8 The Community Council will lock the AIR with a smart contract.


What would happen if someone did not participate but you are holding Air?

What is the benefit of participating?

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You will not migrate

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I have send 20% to this wallet

can you check this transaction , i have transferred 30% of my total air coins , i want to know that is it valid for migration to new air coin ?
Transaction Hash:

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Hi, I hold some of the AIR. I just wanna know all about this new air contract address and migration to new address. Do I need to migrate. I purchased some of the AIR on 12 Aug 2021 and some on 5th September 2021. Give me detailed answer please. Thank you. Ravi


I want to know if I want to get the same amount of new air, do I have to send 30% of the old air to the new address:0xaA3bF6cEb63eF599EAFBbfea27d4Ca2B53D87f54?

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This is confusing :exploding_head::exploding_head::thinking:

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It is, I still hold old AIR, I was unaware of the Round 1, and now I don’t know what to do exactly. Do I transfer the 30% of my old ones to that address? And what of the remaining ones? We all need some detailed help!

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we all looking for clarification, and those who already transfered 30% of old tokens still waiting to get new air tokens

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I agree and honestly its frustrating how the AIR team are ruining a good project and sabotaging the developer team hard work.

Does anyone knows if this message was from a scammer or if it is legit?

So you transferred 30% of the old tokens, and what was the ETA to get the new ones? And what about the remaining 70% of the old ones? I bought all my coins in the past couple of weeks and if I just swap them they’ll be worth 1/10 of what I paid…

We all want to know the answer, and also a very simple explanation of what happens with the remaining 70%. Is it so difficult to just write “hey people, send 30% of the old coins to this address, and you’ll get the same amount back to your address. The remaining 70% if you don’t do anything for a year then X, Y or Z will happen”. I am not sure you get the same amount of new coins however, as it says something about the value at the time of the lock… so they have to clarify it with an example, and tell us what do we get at the end, the way it is worded now is confusing and also misleading.

Not sure, what’s going on. My wallet still has the OLD AIR. Is there any instruction for swap?
The price is going well. Not intended to sell, make sure we have the right coin in our wallet.

Thank you,

Also, Pancakswap is not showing anything with this address 0xd8a2ae43fd061d24acd538e3866ffc2c05151b53 . But the DEXTOOLS STILL SHOWING … so confused.

is AIR team helping in here?


All new myself to the crypto world and all this swapping around hurts my head.
Go 50 billion coins that I moved to new, wouldn’t give me a money value on trust, lost 49 billion coins in the transaction also. So I’ve now swapped them back to the old coin till I get better clarification on what to do.
Bsc says its worth 4 dollers, trust says worth £2.2k. This is a hard project to deal with

Also just tried to move 15billion {30%} to the new address and pancake can’t find it.

0x3729671f86e4dD43098719B423DcEf125F564955 Sending air ?

scammer do n,t trust him , he gonna drain your wallet as you connect to their website