[Announcement] AIR Lock & Consensus Plan Round 2 (LCP0210819-003)

[Announcement] AIR Lock & Consensus Plan Round 2 (LCP0210819-003)
The community council decided to implement the Lock & Consensus plan to ensure the best interests of the AIR community consensus and maintain the AIR currency price.

The Lock & Consensus plan round 1 has been successfully concluded, with a total lock-up of more than 1700 trillion AIR. The Lock & Consensus plan round 2 is now open.

  1. Who can join the plan(Round 2): All AIR holders.

  2. When joining the plan(Round 2): 10 days after killing another zero.

3.Lock Execution Time (Round 2): 11 days after killing another zero.

4.Lock Time(Round 2): 1 year.
5.Lock Address (Round 2):

  1. How to join the plan:
    6-1. Transfer 20% of your AIR holdings to the “Lock Address (0xaA3bF6cEb63eF599EAFBbfea27d4Ca2B53D87f54)” .

At the same time, you should keep the promise that you will never sell the other 80% of your AIR holdings within one year.

6-2. If you don’t keep your promise, We will never return the 20% locked AIR and transfer all the AIR to ACDF.

6-3. If you keep your promise, We will return all the AIR.

6-4. The community council promises a 30% annual return ( Based on the price when lock-up).

6-5. Holders with a locked position have the right to vote.

6-6. The Community Council will lock the AIR with a smart contract.

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Please send me my lock to this address
Because someone from Air token Dev scammed my account saying that he is representative from you guys on Twitter. So he told me that the reason why I didn’t received my crypto is because my account has error on it for me to have access to it I need to scan my trust wallet to remove the problem. Next thing you know he stoll 50k worth of crypto from my trust wallet.