[Announcement] AIR Consensus Lock-up Plan Phase II (LCP0210819-003)

[Announcement] AIR Consensus Lock-up Plan Phase II (LCP0210819-003)

In order to ensure the best interests of the AIR community consensus, maintain the AIR currency price, and achieve the common goal of 10,000 times the income as soon as possible, the community council decided to implement the “smart contract lock-up and build iron-blood consensus” plan.

The first phase of the lock-up plan has been successfully concluded, with a total lock-up of more than 1700 trillion AIR. The second phase of lock-up rules are now announced. After the AIR dollar price breaks zero again, the second phase of lock-up countdown will start immediately.

  1. Group-oriented (Phase II: All AIR holders.

  2. Validity period (Phase II): AIR USD price is valid within 10 days after breaking zero.

  3. Lock-up period (the second period): 1 year

  4. Lock-up execution time (Phase 2): The 11th day after the AIR USD price breaks zero again.

  5. Receiving address of lock-up AIR (Phase 2):


  1. Content of the plan:

  2. Before the end of the planned “validity period”, transfer 20% of the AIR holdings to the “locked AIR receiving address” designated by the community council.

For those who did not participate in the first phase of the lock-up consensus, 80% of the AIR holdings that have not been transferred are defaulted to “not sell privately”.

Those who participate in the consensus of the first phase of lock-up, the 70% of AIR holdings that have not been transferred are defaulted to “not sell privately”.

  1. During the lock-up period, if you sell AIR privately without the permission of the community, after the lock-up period ends, 20% of the locked-up AIR will not be returned, and all of it will be transferred to the dedicated funds of the AIR Community Foundation to assist AIR. Community Building.

  2. During the lock-up period, there is no act of privately selling AIR. After the lock-up period ends, 20% of the locked-up AIR will be returned the same way.

  3. For users participating in the community lock-up, the community council promises 30% of the annual return (calculated based on the price of the lock-up date and the gold standard). If the 30% annual return is not reached, it will be supplemented by the Community Development Fund (CDF) account. Qi income.

  4. Consensus holders with a locked position greater than 100 billion will join the consensus group individually and have the right to participate in voting on important matters in the community, and strictly keep confidential as required, and strictly implement community decisions.

  5. The community council will transfer to the “AIR lock-receiving address” on the lock-up execution day, use smart contracts for lock-up, and announce the contract address to the outside world.

  6. From now on, the Community Council will gradually increase the donation of the Community Development Fund (CDF) to maximize the benefits of consensus participants.

  7. After the lock-up is opened, the AIR obtained by participating in activities and airdrops will not be restricted by this plan.

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