[ANN] The AirSwap-Staking-Whitelist-B lock-up has finished

[ANN] The AirSwap-Staking-Whitelist-B lock-up has finished.

More than 45 trillion $AIR was locked by smart contract for 30 months, which means more than 80.54 trillion $AIR Circulating Supply was locked for 30 months.

More than 68.83% of $AIR Circulating Supply supports the lock-up plan.

This is the first Lockup-Governance-Voting of AirCoin DAO Labs.

Here are some rules of the AirSwap-Staking-Whitelist-B lock-up plan.

  1. Only those who participated in the lock-up plan have the right to join the AirSwap staking in the future.

  2. The maximum stake amount of the whitelist-B is 50% of the total amount of AIR locked by the “30-month-lock-up plan”.

  3. The addresses on the Whitelist will begin staking 90 days earlier than other addresses.

  4. The maximum staking ratio of the Whitelist-B in the next lock-up plan will be less than 50%.

  5. There will be a delay period before staking for those who join the next lock-up plan, which is the same as the delay period from April 25, 2022, to the AirSwap starting day of mining.

  6. Please wait for the next lock-up plan if you still want to join AirSwap staking.

We are equal.
We are all AIR holders.
We are all AIR volunteers.
We are everything.