[ANN] AIR DAO Grant, native administrator, and ACG Ventures

[ANN] AIR DAO Grant, native administrator, and ACG Ventures.

  1. We have started the community grant to help AIR holders build native AIR DAOs in different countries.

  2. If you have good knowledge of the AIR project and want to start your career, please apply for the AIR native administrator of your country.

  3. We will offer funds, AIR, NFT support.

  4. Every AIR holder is a master, and we need to unite to shake the world.

  5. The responsibility of the native administrator.

5-1. Manage the Telegram community in the country.

5-2. No less than 2 AMAs per week.

5-3. Recruiting and managing native promoters.

5-4. Translate AIR info into your language.

  1. The native administrators are only open for AIR holders.

  2. If you want to be a native administrator, please DM @CryptoGhost_CG with Telegram.

  3. If you have a big idea and want to change the world, please send your Business Paper to ACG Ventures(hello@acg.ventures).

  4. We always hope to hear from you@CryptoGhost_CG.