AIR's goal is the stars and the sea

AIR family, good now. I am the OTC of the AIR community. I am one of the sharers of this time. I am very happy to meet again with the AIR family at this international web conference. I am very grateful to the AIR family for taking the time to listen to me. Share, thanks! ! !

For the pursuit of life goals, some people choose to run, some people choose to be comfortable because they are afraid of falling. In fact, the road hurdles are the same, but what’s the difference? People who run have only goals in their hearts, and those who are afraid of falling will keep staring at the thorns on the road. In the end, the runners have reached the end of success, and those who are afraid of falling will struggle for a lifetime and regret for a lifetime!

The helplessness of life is nothing more than the wrong choice of oneself, rather than not working hard enough, the choice is right, everything is logical, and the result is twice the result with half the effort.

The current situation is that dogs are flying in the sky, and the people in the DeFi circle are cut and wounded all over, because most of these people are involved in DeFi in pursuit of shortness and speed, and they have no complete body in the end.

Romain Roland has a good saying: There is only one kind of heroism in this world, that is, after seeing the truth of life, you still love life.

The currency circle is also in desperate need of a pure land, and AIR is born in response to the development of the times and the trend needs.

Today we will talk about the grand ecological blueprint of AIR.

AIRCoin is a foreigner from California, USA. It was released on Binance Chain on May 13th, AIR Coin. The original intention of the project was to mock the madness of the cryptocurrency market. The total supply is 1 trillion yuan, and 95.55% of the black hole has been destroyed so far. Except for the current 65 trillion yuan in circulation, the remaining 380 trillion yuan has been locked up, released year by year, and halved each year. It is on the Binance smart chain Issued. The project has no private placement, no public offering, no crowdfunding, no pre-mining, no routines, no handling fees, and no project party. Therefore, holding AIR does not have to worry about being cut, because we do not have a project party, and holding coins means mining. Complete community autonomy. After careful calculation, the total circulation in 15 years is about 300 trillion. The number is extremely scarce. Please AIR family members cherish their chips.

From May 13th to the launch of PancakeSwap (pancake) until mid-July, AIR has been included in 9 of the top ten platforms in the currency circle around the world, and has been favored by many exchanges. Send us Here comes the invitation letter. The number of real currency holding addresses has exceeded 40,000. The CMC airdrop event in October has attracted more than 1.3 million followers, the airdrop addresses have participated in nearly 1.3 million, the Twitter followers have nearly 50,000, and the telegram group has joined 5 More than 10,000; the official forum has been officially launched, and the progress of AIR will be released from time to time, so that AIR family members can get timely information on the development of AIR. The establishment of foreign communities predates the Chinese community, and the first global conference sharing was held on the evening of October 18th.

AIR has its own halo since its birth, because the name Aircoin is a very eye-catching bright spot. It is favored by blockchain enthusiasts at home and abroad. The words that foreign communities can hear every day are: “I can’t breathe, I need fresh air”. In this harmonious atmosphere, AIR’s ecological plans will be implemented one by one, and we will meet with you one by one in the near future.

AIR is moving forward in the torrent of historical advancement and developing in the trend of the times. In order to make AIR more stable on the road of value inheritance, the community is about to launch:

  1. The official website is optimized and upgraded

  2. NFT lock-up contract design and the first batch of NFT issuance

  3. NFT trading platform construction

  4. AirCash internal beta, public beta, audit, and launch (ongoing)

  5. AIR ecological construction and product matrix construction (ongoing)

At the same time, in the media and marketing plan, let more people know about AirCoin:

  1. CMC joint marketing

  2. CG advertising

  3. Advertisement on Binance Smartchain official browser

  4. Advertising on Dextool and Poocoin

Form internationalized, regional media and community advertising, article writing and omni-channel publishing, and implement regional professional operation and construction to prepare for the outbreak of AIR.

The next step is to participate in partners and investment institutions:

  1. Apply for Binance Chain Ecological Fund Investment

  2. Strategically cooperate with mainstream BSC ecological DeFi projects to provide users with access to gold

  3. Preparations and plans for the listing of the exchange

The above are the results of the AIR community’s five months of hard work and some of the later plans. In summary, it can be clearly seen that the AIR community is no longer working hard all the time, let more people know the existence of AIR, and return a piece of pure land in the currency circle. .

Regardless of the development of the times, the value of any project in the future is realized by practical applications, not by chanting slogans and drawing pie there.

In particular, the current centralized trading platform can no longer adapt to the needs of the current blockchain development, so decentralization is imminent, and it is just needed!

The cash in and out transactions carried out by the current centralized trading platform are all carried out on centralized exchanges. After the domestic ZC requires banks to prohibit the provision of services for virtual cryptocurrency transactions, it has brought a very large impact to the market, and even Some centralized exchanges directly closed OTC channel transactions, and cash cannot enter and exit, which has brought a lot of inconvenience to many investors. Even some bad trading platforms rely on ZC as the platform, causing many investors to suffer heavy losses.

Therefore , AirCash (decentralized trading platform) developed by the AIR autonomous community formally conforms to market demand. It makes full use of the advantages of smart contracts to fundamentally solve the problem of decentralized wallets that cannot access cash. It is also for all blockchain enthusiasts. For the long-awaited project, there is no need to worry about whether you can deposit or realize the problem. No one controls this decentralized trading platform (OTC). At that time, a large number of people will use AIR’s decentralized trading platform to do what they like. In AirCash, you are safe and you be free!

Introduction to AirCash

  1. What is AirCash?

AirCash is the first and largest decentralized over-the-counter trading platform (OTC) in the galaxy.

AirCash can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies in a decentralized manner.

  1. Why choose AirCash?

2.1 Simple and easy to use

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies directly in your wallet, you never need to exchange them again.

2.2 No authentication required

No KYC, no account, no need to provide personal information, you can trade anonymously.

2.3 Security and privacy

Both parties of the transaction use a peer-to-peer chat tool to contact, no one knows the details of your transaction except yourself.

2.4 Decentralized system and decentralized management architecture (DAO)

All transactions are carried out on the blockchain, and we have established a set of decentralized management architecture to achieve a complete decentralized transaction and management system.

  1. How to use AirCash?

3.1 Create a wallet

3.2 Connect your wallet to AirCash

3.3 Buy and sell cryptocurrency with fiat currency in the wallet

How about privacy?

We have established a peer-to-peer instant messaging system, all information is only stored on the devices of you and the transaction party, and no one knows any details of the transaction.

How to prevent money laundering?

You can ask the other party to provide evidence to prove the legitimacy of the money.

The arrival of AirCash will surely shock the world! ! !

If the AIR family wants to participate, the preliminary proposed mechanism is as follows:

Merchant Mechanism

What is the merchant mechanism?

Merchants are the liquidity providers of the AirCash system, and only merchants have the power to publish buying and selling advertisements in the system.

Why become a businessman?

Becoming a businessman is profitable and you will make huge profits in every transaction.

How can I become a businessman?

By depositing 10 billion Air, you will automatically become a merchant.

Witness mechanism

What is the witness mechanism?

The witness is the judge of the AirCash system. When a complaint occurs, the witness will deal with it. They will protect honest traders and punish fraudsters.

Why should there be witnesses?

The witness mechanism is a systematic credit system. If the witnesses are selfless, more and more people will use Air Cash.

Becoming a witness is also profitable. A fair and unselfish witness will receive 10 million Air for each complaint.

How to become a witness?

By depositing 100 billion Air, you will automatically become a witness.

Member of Parliament Mechanism

What is the MP mechanism?

Members of Congress are the final judges of the AirCash system. If anyone is dissatisfied with the verdict of the witnesses, members of Congress will intervene in the final trial. Members of Congress will protect honest traders and fair witnesses and punish fraudsters.

Why is there a mechanism for members of parliament?

The Congressman mechanism is the final credit guarantee of the AirCash system. Trusting members of Congress means trusting AirCash products. More and more users will use the system because of the fairness and justice of members of Congress. On the contrary, more and more users will abandon us. It is profitable to be a member of parliament, and an impartial member of parliament will receive 100 million Air for every complaint handled.

How to become a member of parliament?

The system can only have 5 congressmen at most, and each congressman must mortgage 1 trillion Air.

Phase 1: Volunteer Congress

In the initial stage, 5 members of Congress will be selected by community volunteers.

The second stage: DAO Congress

When the DAO decentralized community governance system is completed, we will start the election of members of Congress, which will be held every 6 months, and 5 new members will be elected.

A single application is not enough to support higher and more stable value. The community packs the assets released from locked positions, implants them into the NFT in the form of asset packages, and releases them automatically every month in the form of smart contracts. So what I just mentioned is the NFT that everyone often talks about in the currency circle, so what is NFT? What is it for? What can it bring us? Then I will repeat it with the official explanation below:

What is the use of NFT?

  1. Anchor the value of real-world commodities

Due to its non-homogeneous and inseparable characteristics, NFT can anchor the concept of commodities in the real world. Simply understood, it is a digital asset issued on the blockchain. This asset can be game props or digital art. Products, tickets, etc., and are unique and non-copyable. Since NFT has natural collection attributes and is convenient for trading, crypto artists can use NFT to create unique digital artworks.

  1. Diversified application scenarios of NFT

  2. Games. For example, it can be used as pets, weapon props, clothing and other items in the game. The smash hit crypto cat in 2018 uses NFT technology. They give each cat a special tag number to make it a unique cat.

  3. The field of intellectual property rights. NFT can represent a painting, a song, a patent, a film, a photo, or other intellectual property rights. In this field, NFT plays the role of a patent office. Help each unique thing to register the copyright and help it identify the patent.

  4. Physical assets. Housing and other real estate and other physical assets can be tokenized by NFT, which can be used in financial markets such as asset circulation.

  5. Records and identification. NFT can also be used to verify identity and birth certificates, driving licenses, academic certificates and other aspects. These can be safely stored in digital form to prevent abuse or tampering.

  6. Financial documents. Invoices, orders, insurance, bills, etc. It can be converted into NFT for trading.

  7. Ticketing. Concert tickets, movie tickets, drama tickets, etc., can all be marked with NFT. All tickets are the same, but the seat numbers are different.

These are common uses for everyone.

So what is AIR’s NFT? He appeared in the form of innovation: asset package NFT.

The creation of smart contract NFT is an epoch-making innovation and the first in the world! Such a change has changed the single value realization method of AIR. If you want to sell your own NFT but are reluctant to sell all of it, you can also Divide your NFT into multiple asset packages NFT in the form of smart contracts, and trade according to the value of the asset packages it carries. The circulation of AIR’s NFT will form a perfect cycle in the AIR ecosystem.

Compared with traditional artworks, we will find that AIR’s NFT has a set of creative logic for the original digital world, and its value potential is not comparable to those of NFTs flying in the sky.

Then there will be applications that will be launched in the future as well as zero coin pledge mining, such as AirPool, AirSwap, AirPay, etc., which will be launched one after another in the near future! Zerocoin pledge mining: it is to pledge those project coins that have been almost zeroed to get air currency AIR. The advantage of this project is that it can help those victims who bought the zerocoin, recover the losses as much as possible, and save the coin circle leeks. In the process of helping others, AIR can also increase its popularity so that more people can hold it, and form alliances with more communities to jointly maintain the currency circle environment.

The AirCash and NFT mentioned above are of practical value to AIR and can truly empower the AIR ecosystem. AIR has been on the road of innovation, and AIR will surely become the mainstream, leading the currency circle into a new era.

In recent months, I have seen too many local dog tokens. I have always wanted to imitate AIR, but have never been surpassed. AIR’s lock-up mechanism, decentralized OTC, deflation mechanism, and smart contract NFT are all first in the circle, and all of them are bright spots.

In the currency circle, especially for the primary market, why do many people like to play speculation? Lack of money wants to make quick money and play excitement, and in the end all are exceptions, the principal is gone, and the debt is all! I got a chicken feather. The original intention of our AIR community has always been: to be with the wise, and to walk with the good; the original intention is: not to pull the offer, not to defend the offer, not to do evil, to expose the currency circle scam, no dividends, no system, no subordinate relationship, no leader , All data is transparent, open and fair, and there is no routine. It is a vibrant community, and the future of AIR is worth looking forward to! The biggest loss in life is to wait and see, seize the opportunity and hold AIR for a long time, to realize the financial freedom you have not realized for many years, to regain your self-esteem, to regain your self-confidence, and to live more happily!

There is no wasted effort, and there is no accidental success. All unintentional intrusions are actually a matter of course. There is no way to go in vain in life, and there is no suffering for nothing. Every step you take is the cornerstone and pavement for the future.

People? There are two ways to go, one must be taken, the other is what you want to take, and you must walk the way you must walk beautifully before you can walk the way you want to go, come on, friends, use our efforts to create The future belongs to our AIR family.

Please I need compensation for my lost old air


I still have it there lying waste and worthless.
You guys should be honest with yourselves

The airdrop is just to let you know about an air coin. If you have some scattered money, you might as well buy one or two hundred billion. After all, it is very scarce in the later stage.

What airdrop?
I said I bought the old air with my money

Why should I buy old air? Look at the contract address.
Air Coin
First application
AIRNFT has been successfully implemented. It is a decentralized dual-attribute NFT issued on smart contracts. It is different from the traditional centralized NFT on the market. It is unique in the currency circle and has extremely high value. Contains AIR assets and releases them in decreasing order year by year.
Second application
Decentralized OTC (Over-the-Counter Trading), which is about to land, is also an original creation of the currency circle, which fundamentally solves the problem of difficult deposits and withdrawals, makes full use of the advantages of the blockchain, and opens up the final link of the complete decentralization of the primary market.
special reminder:
Capital institutions are about to enter the market, which means that AIR will explode globally and take off soon! The future value of AIR surpasses shib, and there is no cap on it!
With the precipitation of time and the gradual implementation of the application ecology, AIR will turn gorgeously, realize overtaking in corners, sensationalize the entire currency circle, and eventually become the mainstream currency.
Binance Chain Contract Address: 0xd8a2aE43Fd061d24acd538e3866Ffc2c05151b53