AIR's first phase of fundraising and use planning

ACDF (AIR Community Development Foundation) first phase fundraising and use plan (ACDF20210813-001)

For the development of the AIR community, we plan to use the ACDF account in the community to have a total AIR expenditure of no more than 10 trillion and raise 50 BNB.

All the raised funds will be transferred to the community marketing fund account, and all will be used for marketing expenses.

  1. Raising objects: holders who participate in the consensus lock-up plan and have a lock-up amount of more than 100 billion

  2. Raising price: 0.000000002340 USD = (opening price on August 12, 2021 + closing price on August 12, 2021)/2 * 80%

  3. Purchase limit: 0.5 BNB

  4. Limit on BNB: 50 BNB

  5. Deadline: 24:00 on August 13, 2021

  6. Recruitment requirements:

6.1. Holders with a locked position of more than 100 billion are eligible to participate in this fundraising

6.2. The AIR purchased by participating in this fundraising will be directly transferred to the corresponding lock-up account

6.3. The AIR participating in this purchase is also subject to the lock-up plan and cannot be sold before August 19, 2022

6.4. If AIR is not fully sold after the end of the fundraiser, open unlimited sales, and no purchase limit will be set for users participating in the lock-up plan

6.5 If the participating amount exceeds 50 BNB, it will be allocated according to the subscription ratio, and the excess BNB will be returned in the same way.

6.6 Please follow the procedures announced by the community and do not transfer BNB to the fundraising address before the start of the fundraising.

  1. The BNB collection address for this fundraising: 0xb8e1D6f36081C452B7632E407408af03cce0e2a7

  2. The publicity of the ACDF address for this offer: 0x3793E9Cff3c547B35D27c2e3c08bB5aD1a978cFB

  3. Use of funds: all BNB raised this time will be used for airdrop handling fees and marketing promotion

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