AIR's first decentralized ecological OTC platform

In view of the increasing demand in the OTC market, what is the difference between the OTC market of a centralized exchange and the Air coin decentralized OTC market?
In the earliest days, there was no OTC market, and it was completely centralized. Users only need to recharge through the recharge interface. That is to say, network recharge interfaces such as Alipay and Tenpay are extremely vulnerable to policy influences. The interface faces the risk of stopping at any time. In the past, the centralized exchange found a way to abandon the payment platform and online banking channel and adopt the agency partner system. This is the first step of decentralized deposit and withdrawal. Every exchange has a group of agents. After that, it ushered in 94, all centralized exchanges were forcibly closed, and then the big exchanges went overseas one after another, and there was no need for agents to deposit or withdraw funds after going overseas.
From the perspective of current traditional OTC transactions, the exchange controls and locks the currency to be traded. After the buyer and seller confirm that the OTC legal currency transaction is completed, the exchange will release the currency, which is semi-centralized.
It can be seen that the OTC market has gone through three stages: the exchange directly uses the payment tool to centralize the deposit and withdrawal of fiat currency. The balance is transferred to the user name to ban the agent cooperation model and change to free transactions between users. Anyone can engage in exchange acceptance work with only a small amount of margin. These three stages are the development of the exchange’s OTC market, changing from independent operation to the operation model of super nodes, and then banning the super nodes, so that everyone has the ability to be independent nodes. No matter how it develops, it is always built on a centralized exchange, which is accompanied by great risks. Once the exchange closes the OTC trading channel, it will not exist.
Then the OTC platform developed by Air Coin is built on the blockchain, which cannot be tampered with and does not require KYC certification. The code is open source. By establishing a smart contract, it can act as the referee of the exchange in traditional OTC transactions. If the transaction is successful, the currency will be automatically released to the other party. If the transaction fails, it will automatically return to the original wallet without going through a third-party wallet. The party only needs to be the arbitrator when there is a dispute between the parties to the transaction. This kind of decentralized OTC transaction without KYC is more anonymous and safer than traditional transaction methods, high performance, and can carry large amount of legal currency transactions. Make complex transactions easier and more convenient. Because its anonymity does not require KYC certification, it can allow more privacy-conscious large-amount investors to enter, (such as Musk, V-Shenbao Erye, etc.). It also greatly reduces the threshold for users to enter the gold. If KYC is required, and the process is too complicated, it is often easy to shut out users. Air Coin’s decentralized OTC trading platform not only solves the long-term concerns of blockchain investors about access to gold, but also attracts more large investors with financial strength. This is undoubtedly a huge establishment for the Air Coin ecosystem. AIR’s financial network strength has laid a solid foundation for AIR’s future take-off.
One day in the currency circle, ten years in the world. Trend? ! It will never change because of you, and it will never stop because of you.
Air Coin’s first ecology will surely lead the OTC market towards complete decentralization, making OTC transactions more convenient, efficient and safe.

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