[AirCash Testing Volunteer Recruitment]

The D&R team has almost finished the development of the AirCash system. We are recruiting testing volunteers now.

  1. Responsibilities of testing volunteers:
    1.1 Assist the D&R team and put forward constructive suggestions.
    1.2. Assist the D&R team finds out bugs in the product.
    1.3. Put forward constructive suggestions on user experience.

  2. Requirements of testing volunteers:
    2.1. Good at English.
    2.2. Have a good understanding of blockchain technology.
    2.3. Have a fast learning ability.
    2.4. Blockchain practitioners are the priority.
    2.5. Software programmers are the priority.

  3. Recruitment process:
    3.1. Send an email to the official mailbox (hello@aircoin.cool).
    3.2. Submit an issue in the AirCash repository on Github (https://github.com/Aircoin-official/AirCash).
    3.3. The D&R team will review all the information.
    3.4. The D&R team will send the link of Element chat(an encrypted chat software ) to all the volunteers.
    3.5. All test volunteers can communicate with the technical team on Element chat.

  4. Benefits :
    4.1. Volunteers who perform well will be given priority to become merchants, witnesses, and parliamentarians.
    4.2. Volunteers who perform well during the test will receive AIR rewards.