AirCash DAO & AirCash DAO Governance

  1. Intro of AirCash DAO.

AirCash DAO is an off-chain DAO governance tool based on Snapshot.

This is the beginning of AirCash DAO governance.

If you have good ideas and suggestions, please create proposals on AirCash DAO.

The result of a proposal means the collective will of the whole community.

Every vote affects the future of the AirCash project.

All members of the AIR community will respect and enforce the results of the vote.

  1. Create proposals

Any address can create a proposal as long as it holds more than 10 billion AIR.

  1. Vote
  1. The voting power will only be calculated for the AIR held before the proposal is launched.

  2. 1 AIR token means 1 voting power.

  3. Any proposal will only take effect if the voting power exceeds 50 trillion AIR.

  4. Voting only requires wallet-signature, no gas fees and AIR, and no need to lock any tokens.

  5. If the tokens are transferred before the end of the voting period, the voting for this address is automatically disabled.

  1. Voting period

The proposal is valid for 7 days, and all token holders can participate in voting during the period.

  1. AirCash DAO Governance

Phase 1: Simple Proposal (SP)

Anyone can create a Simple Proposal (SP).

Phase 2: Consensus Proposal (CP)

Those who have passed Simple Proposal (SP) have the right to change his/her Simple Proposal (SP) to Consensus Proposal (CP).

Phase 3: Governance Proposal (GP)

Those who have passed Consensus Proposal (CP) have the right to change his/her Consensus Proposal (CP) to Governance Proposal (GP).

Phase 4: Upgrade-List.

The Governance Proposal (GP) will be queued in the Upgrade-List.

Phase 5: Upgrade execution.

We will execute all the upgrades.