AIR token withdraw

How do I go about swapping BEP20 AIR (AIR) so I can withdraw into my back account?
Can anyone explain step by step process?
I have looked online, but there’s no actual example.
Thank you.


There is a 99.9% chance a scammer will respond to this and not an AIR token official. Me and a lot others are waiting for many replies and the only replies were from someone imposing as and trying to access our wallets and take all our tokens.
AIR officials will not respond to you as they have not responded to anyone yet.
But good luck.

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Go on the thread below (on the main page) and comment brother, all the questions are posted there.

Can someone help me. I was trying to swap some of my coins on Pancakeswap and got a error message “The transaction cannot succeed due to error: cannot estimate gas; transaction may fail or may require manual gas limit.
Then all 99 billion of my tokens were gone. BscScan said that AirCoin is the only one who can give them back to me. Please please help me. Oh my Lord what am I going to do help me someone please.

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You used pancakeswap with TrustWallet?

If you were trying to swap Air coin, they might have been swap with the new token. Check that one on your wallet

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I have checked everywhere one could look and BscScan said that Air is the only one who could give them back.

Just as a side note:

Coinbase, apparently is working on adding SHIBA INU to the platform.

It’s not tradable yet, soon


New AIR swap to BNB = 150 BNB.

That looks better now, so what changed?

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Mine still rubbish, what u do to get value

I just swapped new AIR to BNB and I clicked on MAX amount

The swap makes more sense now.

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I guess they updated the AIR coin contract on coinmarketcap. The old coin contract is no longer available.

yep,The old coin contract is no longer available.

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Thank you for clarifying that, but our question is what we’re supposed to do with the old coin that we’re still holding?
Can you allow a 1 day (1 on 1) trading?

hello, what should i do with my old coins. I keep all my stocks for a long time and invest in new ones every month. can you help me ?


I have had air coin for months and I have not sold followed the rules and moved 30% into a locked account for the year. Not said anything bad about air and done everything asked of me.i swapped old air for new air the moment it came out also.
I still have not recieved the new air as promised, no nft etc. Not sure what more I can do to support air??

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To be honest, I have not seen any help coming from AIR coin towards us the holders.
A lot of things there are still to clarify

Mad isn’t it. If this happened in any other company on the planet all hell would have broken loose and the company would have gone into administration.
I think they need to get on top of this as air gets bigger, this could have serious consequences down the line.
Multi billion pound company getting sued by thousands of people, could get sketchy

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Guys and gals go on the Telegram Air and blast them there. They need to know they fucked up

Click on chat , will take you to the Telegram. Ask questions there

I asked from Telegramm and they just blocked me out.

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