Air/old to Air/new. From 34B to 4M. Needs fixing


There’s no fixing. Old coin is garbage now. Transfer to the new one

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Guys and gals go on the Telegram Air and blast them there

Click on chat, ask you questions there

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Contact US SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION at the following email address:

Present your concern to them. Attach any documentation, emails, screenshots as evidence. Report the fraud!! AIR coin must be held responsible for people’s money.
What they did was a major violation of the EXCHANGE COMMISSION M.O.

AIR Telegram just disappeared!!! Is just me that can’t see it??

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Buy more new air and thank me later :clinking_glasses::money_with_wings::kissing_heart:

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Air coin is nothing but scam whether old or new

Newer ever invest in it

Start your witrawal / sell asap

The team is pumping it to make it lucrative and one one day come they will say our coin is hacked and the existing holder will get nothing

And new contract address will formed

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Check your wallet daily…one day the contract might be charged again and whoever the hell is behind this transaction might take your money from address transaction itself

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Please how can i change my old air to new air