Air Cash test volunteer recruitment

[Aircash test volunteer recruitment]

The first version of the Aircash product has been close to the end, and it is now recruited product test volunteers to the whole community.

First, volunteer duties:

  1. Assist the development team to conduct product testing and put forward constructive comments and suggestions.

  2. Assist the development team to find the possible BUG that the product may exist.

  3. Propose constructive opinions and suggestions for the product user experience.

Second, the volunteer requirements:

  1. There is a certain English foundation.

  2. There must be a certain understanding of the basics of the block chain.

  3. Strong learning ability.

  4. Block chain employees, Internet practitioners preferred.

  5. Internet corporate software development technicians preferred.

Third, the volunteer recruitment process:

  1. Send an email to the official mailbox (

  2. Submit your Issue application in GitHub’s Aircash Warehouse (

  3. Technical teams will review the submitted information.

  4. For the adopted person, the invitation link of the encrypted chat software ELEMENT CHAT will be sent.

  5. All test volunteers can communicate directly and participate in the test in the encrypted chat software Element Chat and Technical Team.

Fourth, volunteer benefits:

  1. Excellent volunteers during the test can be prioritized after the product is online, and the role of the merchant, a witness, and a member.

  2. Excellent volunteers during the test will receive a part of the AIR reward.

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